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What is Pantone, and How Can I Use the Color of the Year?

Do you remember last year, when everything was this beautiful, muted, pinkish burgundy, and everyone kept tossing around the word “marsala”? You can thank Pantone for that.

Pantone is a company began as a printing company in the 1950s, but they have since moved into the larger world of design—they produce those fanned books of color samples with corresponding numbers. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Color of the Year, as well. You may not have realized, however, that there is a summit every year to determine what color will best represent the spirit of the upcoming year. This color works its way into every aspect of design: clothing, jewelry, marketing, makeup, interior design, etc.

2016 has been a bit strange in that there have actually been two Color(s) of the Year. The first is dusty pink called Rose Quartz, and the second is a muted, light grey-blue called Serenity. They’re not the undecided baby nursery that they sound like, though: in reality, the two create a very subtle, calming, smoky effect.

Maybe you’re moved by the current of trends, or maybe you just discovered your new favorite color. Either way, National Kitchen and Bath designer Ashleigh Schroeder has three ideas on how to incorporate these two gorgeous shades into your new kitchen or bath design.

1.  Wood-Mode – Oceanside

Serenity makes a stunning color for kitchen cabinets, Schroeder says. Be sure to tend toward doors cut more simply, though: “You don’t want it to look 90’s country,” she warns.

2. Wall color

If you’re more the flight-of-fancy type, maybe try out one of these colors as a wall color for a while, says Schroeder. Of the two, Serenity has broader applicability in the world of design.

3. Accents

Rose Quartz doesn’t have to be reserved just for a little girl’s room: the hue adds a beautiful accent to a neutral design, particularly with grey, Schroeder says. Alternatively, Rose Quartz likes copper metallics with it, which adds a glamorous, shiny effect to your design.

Picture 1 courtesy of Wood-Mode; Pictures 2 and 3 courtesy of Pantone.


Here at National Kitchen and Bath, we understand better than most the outsized thrill that a shiny new kitchen brings—the feeling of Christmas in the air when we redesigned our showroom recently was palpable—but we also know that it’s not always a short process. A beautiful, state-of-the-art kitchen takes time to design, and all those lovely elements without which your kitchen wouldn’t be complete sometimes need to be ordered in. And then there’s the actual building itself. So we understand, too, the itchy impatience those renovations bring, too. How many days can you really be expected to stare at that ugly old kitchen now that you’ve seen the light of your new design?

Don’t go full sledgehammer on it just yet, though! We have some ways for you to tide yourself over until the Christmas morning of interior design brings your new, fully functioning kitchen to you.

  1. Start investing in new appliances.

Chances are those white 1990’s monstrosities are going out with a vengeance when you remodel, so why not defray the cost of the renovation and start investing in new appliances now? Counter-depth refrigerators and six-burner gas stoves are very popular right now. No gas line? Consider having one run; it’ll open up your options to a much higher caliber of stoves and ovens.

  1. Learn your style

It’s okay to not know the difference between modern and contemporary, or what “craftsman” and “Quaker” and “distressed” all mean. Do some research, print some pictures, and come show our team of designers what stood out to you. The design process goes much faster when consultations don’t sound like a failing game of 20 Questions.

  1. Transition toward new decor.

With your new style in mind, start shopping around for new decor. If you’re the type to hang paintings, look for new ones that will reflect your new style. If you’re more a knick-knack type, shop for a few of those. Just be careful not to clutter up your semi-new space too much. And who knows? Maybe one of those new items will be the thing you bring in to us and say, “Design everything around this.”


  1. Embrace natural light!

Decades past had a real love for heavy window hangings, but the current style trends more toward light window accoutrements and bright natural light. If you still have big dark curtains on your windows, trade them out for a sheer variety. If you have vertical blinds across your sliding glass door that are forever turned shut, take them down and let in the light! (Actually, take your vertical blinds down whether they’re usually shut or not. Those things are unfortunate.) You’d be amazed what a little sunshine can do for a space, and it’s completely free.

  1. Get rid of clutter.

Clutter is the arch-nemesis of good design. If your stuff is strewn everywhere, the design, no matter how fantastic the designer, will always look like a teenage boy with a destructive streak got a hold of it. Clear your kids’ homework and permission slips off the table in favor of a simple centerpiece. Put as many appliances away as you can (except, of course, the coffee maker). Clear the wedding invitations off the refrigerator, maybe relegating them instead to a cork board affixed to the side. Even if it’s something you grab all the time, like the lamely clipped-shut bag of potato chips, it isn’t that much more difficult to open a cabinet for it.

We know the wait is long and fraught with the itching desire to break out the sledgehammer. But don’t worry: your patience will pay off, and eventually our guys will be there to smash it to bits for you.

1000 Touches

Backsplash Trends

          You may have noticed, on your latest trip to the hardware store for “paint… faucet… things,” that backsplashes are definitely having a moment. While they’ve been a fairly typical kitchen accoutrement for a long time, lately backsplashes have been used to give you a unique opportunity to pull interest into your kitchen in ways that the floor, countertop, or walls just can’t do. It’s just short of — and sometimes well above — eye level, making it one of the first things guests notice when they enter the space. Think beyond your standard three-inch square white ceramic tiles. The time of boring has passed and has rung in a new age of clean and simple lines, bright colors, distinct shapes, and new textures. Spanish tile? Sure! Stainless steel sheets or squares? Go crazy. Sea glass? Let’s do this.

National Kitchen & Bath designer Ashleigh Schroeder shared some broader trends she’s noticed recently in the ever-changing world of kitchen design.


Marble stick backsplashes





This style of backsplash affords a lot of room for creativity in patterns, but also looks amazing as is. Herringbone patterns made of white marble create a clean but still complex look. Run it vertical to draw the eye upward. Speaking of…






Vertical backsplash




Especially when you want to run backsplash all the way to the ceiling, running it vertically has been a very popular way to go as it naturally draws the eye up (which can also serve to highlight tall ceilings).






Contrasting grout



Contrasting grout is a small way to add a lot of interest to your space. Typically, the style has been to choose a grout color that complements the tile, but now the tide is turning toward this more dramatic option. (To really stun and surprise, look into colored grout options, like this.)





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Kitchen Organization

Kitchen organization befuddles even the best of us. Some people are overcome by the mystical kitchen magic that is soft-close drawers. Others have been marveling at the wonder of lazy Susans and pull-out spice drawers since the 1980s. Still others continue to be shocked by the wizardry that is garbage can cabinets and cabinet-front appliances.

Those people ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Some of us — an elite few — have been guided through the secret wardrobe that is the Narnia of kitchen hideaways. Don’t know where to put that stock pot you use to make enough chili to feed an entire nation? What about that beautiful Kitchenaid stand mixer that really only ever sees the light of day for holiday cookies? And what about the unmentionables of every kitchen, the grimy scrub brushes and the packaged detergent pods? Follow me, you poor little lambs, to the kitchen design promise land.

  • Mixer cabinet
    0062-Mixer Cabinet BMS
    Listen, I love my stand mixer, I truly do. But when it weighs a metric ton and is so very oddly shaped, there’s simply nothing to do but shove it in some cluttered corner and hope you remember to use it instead of your sad hand mixer (or worse, the whisk) in your darkest baking hours. Imagine, instead, a world where the mixer effortlessly pulls out and up to your waiting measuring cups, like some feat of engineering sorcery. And imagine all the sprinkles that would fit in that drawer beneath it.




  1.  Removable plate holders
    0129-dish drawer

    Our mothers taught us a lot of things, but that plates could not only be stored in upper cabinets but in drawers? No, they failed to teach us that. Maybe this is the best place for the fine china, or maybe this is for the day-to-day plates because they’ve seen better days and don’t need to be featured on the new floating shelves. Either way, here lies the solution. New plates? No worries: just move the holders to fit the new shape.


  1. Pull-out cutting board0025-Chopping BlockWhere do you store cutting boards? Because mine are currently standing precariously upright on the counter between my refrigerator    and my Soda Stream, and they fall over. A lot. Drawers don’t fall over.




  1. Deep divided drawer0128-deep divided drawer

Stock pot. Crock pot. Dutch oven. Wok. Paella pan. Roasting pan. These all have one important thing in common: the only sensible place to store them is in a ridiculously deep drawer such as this. The dividers definitely help, too, for smaller cookware like asparagus pots, sauce pans, skillets…



  1. Cleaning supplies pullout

0070-Cleaning Supply Toto Pullout ASCS


What is this voodoo? Not only is this a tidy, tucked-away drawer for all those unfortunate kitchen necessities, but it has a handle so you can take the chemicals straight to the unfortunate? Voodoo, indeed.



  1. Hideaway food dish holders0125-hideaway food dish holders

If you thought such ingenious storage solutions were only the stuff of genius tiny house builder’s dreams, you had another beautiful thing coming. Dog food bags and bowls don’t make for attractive design elements, and this drawer allows for them to be stylishly tucked away. Now just teach Spot how to pull it open on his own.

Welcome Jim





Baygents Company of Kirkwood, MO., in business for over 100 years, closed its doors in February of 2015. However, after 34 years of friendly competition, Jim Baygents has joined our design team here at National Kitchen and Bath. We have long admired his keen sense of design and business savvy. We are so proud and excited to bring Jim into the NKB family, and we look forward to working together for many years to come.


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Spring Has Sprung!

Despite the snow, spring has finally arrived, bringing with it promises of backyard barbecues, gardening afternoons, and days spent lazing by the pool. Why not take your spring cleaning to the next level and get your kitchen, bathroom, pantry, home office, or just about anything else exactly the way you want it so summer can be spent the way you deserve to spend it: relaxing in your clean new space? Come visit us and talk with our designers — Kim, Ashleigh, and Jim — about your extensive options from Woodmode, Brookhaven, and more. Let us worry about your space so you can worry about the important stuff: is this part of the garden too shady for my petunias, and will this rub be good on a rib-eye?